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Maarch Capture Connector/MCC Client en 1.1

Version: 1.1 Stable

Release date: 2011/06/13


This is Maarch Capture Connector Client. It can only work if Maarch Capture Connector Server is set up on your server.


Maarch Capture Connector (MCC) is the replacement for Maarch Scansnap Connector (MSC). MSC has been entirely rewritten in PHP. There are multiple for that :

  • Because of its name, MSC was (too) often considered to be only compatible with Fujitsu Scansnap scanners
  • It was written in VB6, which is neither free (as in "free speech"), nor supported by Microsoft
  • It was not portable

So here is the good news:

  • MCC is fully compatible with any scanner, and any PDF-Generators (such as `PDF Creator`_)
  • MCC can (in theory) work on Windows, Linux and MacOS X
  • It has some great new features :
  • Support for Proxies
  • Support for secured protocol (HTTPS)
  • A new "Form Mode": if enabled, you will be prompted for a few basic information after your document is scanned, and before it is sent to the server.
  • A new mass upload mode: upload several documents to the server at once.

.. _PDF Creator:

Package structure

File listing for the MCC Client ::

 |-- certif/                            # Place holder for the server's 
 |                                      #    SSL certifacate
 |-- config/
 |   `-- config_mass.xml.default        # A sample config file for the MCC Client with mass scan mode
 |   `-- config_mcc.xml.default         # A sample config file for the MCC Client with entreprise application
 |   `-- config_mlb.xml.default         # A sample config file for the MCC Client with letterbox application
 |-- incoming/                          # Folder where documents to send \
 |                                      #    to the server must be stored
 |-- logs/
 |-- os_scripts/ 
 |   `-- launch_mcc_client_mass.bat.default  # Application launcher for mass scan mode sample
 |   `-- launch_mcc_client_mcc.bat.default   # Application launcher for entreprise sample
 |   `-- launch_mcc_client_mlb.bat.default   # Application launcher for letterbox sample
 |-- tools/
 |   `-- php-gtk2/                      # Library used for the UI
 |-- class_http_request.php             # Wrapper for cURL
 `-- mcc_client.php                     # Main script


1. Extract this archive on your computer

2. Copy config/config_XXX.xml.default to config/config_XXX.xml

3. Edit config_XXX.xml, and set it up according to your environment

4. Edit launch_mcc_client_XXX.bat and set it up according to your environment

5. Set your scanner drivers (or virtual printer) to launch launch_mcc_client_XXX.bat after the scan. You must run launch_mcc_client_XXX.bat with the path to the fil as an argument.

6. Run your scanner or your virtual printer (PDFCreator) to test the settings (MCC Server must be set up first).

Configuration details


Main configuration is done in the <CONFIG> section. Here are the available configuration tags :

  • CONFIG_NAME: The name of the config -> config_XXX.xml, You must enter XXX in the tag CONFIG_NAME
  • MCC_PATH: Path to MCC client (this folder) - ex: C:\\maarch\\mcc\\client\\
  • SCAN_IMPORT_PATH: Folder where MCC will look for files to send to the server
  • MAARCH_URL: URL to launch after the file has been uploaded to the server. It is not used when form mode is enabled.
  • UPLOAD_URL: URL to the MCC Server page for file upload only -
  • GET_DATAS_URL: If form mode is enabled, this is the URL the MCC Client will use to communicate with the MCC Server.
  • WEB_PORT: Specify here the port to use, if different than 80 (or 443 for https)
  • SSL_CERT: Specify the path to the certificate of your server if you use HTTPS. Leave empty if you don't want to use it.
 ex: C:\\maarch\\mcc\\client\\certif\\cert-server.crt
  • URL_PROXY: Specify the URL and port of your proxy. Leave empty if you don't want to use any proxy.
  • USER_PROXY: If your proxy needs identification, specify your credentials here. If applicable, specify the domain too.
 ex: \\\\MAARCH\\user\\password
  • AUTH_TYPE_PROXY: If your proxy needs identification, specify which one MCC must use. Available values: CURLAUTH_BASIC, CURLAUTH_NTLM
  • TYPE_PROXY: Specify here the type of proxy. Available values: CURLPROXY_HTTP, CURLPROXY_SOCKS5
  • BROWSER_PATH: Absolute path to your browser.
 ex: C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe

The other section is about the mode "Form":

  • FORM_MODE: Enables the form mode. Values: true, false
  • MASS_SCAN: mass scan mode allows you to upload several documents in the same time. Actually, it will send all the documents of a folder.
  • IMAGE_FORMAT: You can filter here which type of document MCC will send to the server. Specify a single type (ex: PDF) or ALL to disable filtering.
  • IS_FOR_MLB: If MCC is used with Maarch LetterBox, set it to true. Leve it to false otherwise


This file must contain a line like this::

 C:\maarch\mcc\client\tools\php-gtk2\php.exe \
               c:\maarch\mcc\client\mcc_client.php \
               c:\maarch\mcc\client\config\config_XXX.xml %pathToImage%

You just have to adapt the paths to your environment.