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Record and exchange archives using XML messages based on SEDA 1.0 (Standard d'Echange des Données d'Archive). Creation of archive exchange messages and attachment of digital resources using JAVA applet. Workflow to control and accept/reject message and archives recieved from third party archival systems/organizations Import of messages with technical and business control rules, record of new resources and automatic generation of the ackonwledgement messages. Added new collections for messages, records, and logs. Added new baskets and actions to manage records and messages. Management of archival organizations and roles (Transfer, Archival, Originating, Control Authority). Management of archival agreements between organizations. Management of archival schedule (retention time, disposal).


Added service to create and use file plans at organization and user level. Ability to organize positions on a tree to represent broader and narrower concepts. Added new service Classify documents on one or several positions using the user's organization or personal file plan. Ability to browse the plan tree and find the documents.


New service to send e-mails during the workflow, on process page and detail page. Ability to choose recipients, Ccs, and Bccs from internal users, contacts or input addresses. Ability to write body in text format or using HTML WYSIWYG inplace editor. Ability to attach master resource, resource attachments and notes. Added a record of all e-mails sent related to the document on detail and process pages.


Capture photos as digital resource for indexation.


Diffusion list types : Manage diffusion list types to gather lists by business domain. System reserved types delivered are 'by entity', 'by document type' and 'by folder type' with a link with related objects. Define available user roles for each diffusion type using user groups. System roles delivered are 'dest' and 'copy'. Manage diffusion list models out of the old restricted 'entity' scope and old restricted 'dest/copy' roles using the newly added diffusion list type concept. New configuration added for actions (indexation, validation) in order to declare the diffusion list types available for diffusion. No change can be seen on the workflow of the LETTERBOX collection though.

List item visible/unvisible: Ability to show/hide documents sent to users of the diffusion list at a given time with a 'visible' property on diffusion list item that should be used on the basket clause. This new flag is used to create sequential workflows by moving the visibility from one user in list to the next one.

Process sequential workflow steps: new action to process sequential workflows. Configure the action on basket : the user role in diffusion list to be managed and final status when no more user available for given role. The action 'process step' done by user automatically hides the document (visible = N) and makes the document visible for the next user in list. The last user in list triggers the chnage of status and allows to start a new sequence on a new user role.


Ability configure baskets for folders. New result lists for folder baskets and folder search. Added actions for folder workflows (index, redirect, change status).


Contacts can now be created AND updated on indexing and validation action pages. Contacts coordinates can be declared as "confidential" and then will not be shown to users if they are not the contact owner. Search of contact on autocompletion can now use several arguments (separated by a space) and that are independantly searched on firstname, lastname and company name. Results are sorted by pertinence. Duplicated contacts: new administration panel to search for duplicated contacts. Ability to delete duplicates and reaffect documents to the original valid contact.


Result lists : Changed list templates and template system for basket contents, history, notes, e-mails. Includes buttons for direct access to functions on a top toolbar. Filter and order shown on the list.

Choice of status during workflow : Extended the ability to configure and use a list of statuses on basket action "process".

Business document management : Added new collection named "business" to manage workflow of invoices, orders, contracts, human resources. Added new actions for indexing, validate and process. Uses the new features of diffusion lists and sequential workflows.

Business document archival : Added new collection named "res" to archive business documents and reports of the organization like customer invoices. Uses the autoimport external module and the autofoldering module.

Letterbox answers: Chrono number is now computed for answers and merged on templates.

Basket count : number of documents on the baskets shown in basket list is now retrieved by an asyncrhonous request to improve performances

Process notes : removed. The module "Notes" can be used to add notes.

Initiator : Record the initiator service (primary entity of user) on metadata.

Parameters : New administration panel for parameters.

Attachments in result lists: A paper clip inidcates that the document has attachments.


Fulltext search and accents: Problems with accents and special characters. Integration of a new release of Lucene Fulltext Engine compatible with UTF-8 encoding.

Choice of the status in action not applied : Created a new system value (__UNCHANGED__) to configure action and declare that the status of the record must not be changed after action. It allows the status to be selected on the action page.

Details page button to go back to search: fixed a button not working properly.

Oracle : Fixed several queries to be fully SQL-92 compliant

Process limit date not reset after activation/desactivation: fixed, date is now erased when proces limit date unchecked. Process limit date desactivated on indexation remains when opening validation page.

Various problems on Qualify_mail: Action page suppressed and replaced by similar Validate_mail.